Brake pads performance test

    This performance test is based on EN standards.  We have revised the test speed from 12.5 km/hr to 25 km/hr and test load is also change from 100kg to 150kg. This will be more strict to the actual riding situation of E-Cargo bike , E-Bike or  E-MTB!

    Each test brake pads have bed in completely with a new rotor. Applying different lever force from 40N / 50N / 60N..... to 120N.  The TABLE 1 is the results of this testing!

   The " Fastop BLUE " has the highest braking power  than all of other organic pads and sintered pads in this test. It has a very good   initial braking power from lever force 40N to 60N. Fit perfect One-finger brake lever riding style!  When you increase the brake lever power more, It give you a very satisfied braking power feedback!  It is one of the most powerful brake pads in the market!

     Normally sintered brake pad is less good performance at low temperature.

Its performance is also not good as organic pads.  But " Fastop Golden "  sintered pad has superior characters. Its performance is very close to good organic pads "Fastop Glacier K" and  " Sample 1 ". It has 150% more longer pad life time than organic pads!  So it has a very high cost/price value! 

     "Fastop Glacier KS" sintered pad is the model of "Fastop Golden" with " triple-cooling fin" design!  This design can keep brake system in relative lower working temperature and keep it in best performance condition. It enhance 8%~12% higher performance and 200% longer pad life time.  It is the best performance and longest pad life time sintered pads in the market!

Brake pads endurance test

    In Table 2. You can see sintered brake pads have better endurance results than organic brake pads!  

    The Fastop Glacier KS brake pad has the longest pad life ( 591%) !  Dunging the test the rotor temperature reach to 343.1 degree C, the brake pads temperature only at 115.3 degree C. Why Fastop Glacier KS has very good cooling functions ? It has 3 benefit points: 1.) "Triple-cooling-fin" This design has more air contact surface. 2.) "copper plating " : The surface of backplate has a  layer of copper plating completely. Copper has a character of fast and best heat conditions 3.) "one-piece design " : Its' friction material is sintered onto the backplate as one piece.  In this way it is more easier directly transfer friction heat to the backplate and throughout the "triple-cooling fin" !

    The organic brake pads "Fastop Glacier K" is also have " triple-cooling -fin " design. It's pad life time is also 150%~210% better than other organic pads!